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BCW Topload Card Holder - 25 Holders - 3” x 4”

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Elevate Your Collection with Unmatched Clarity and Protection

Introducing the BCW 3x4 Standard Toploaders, the cornerstone of card protection. These ultra-clear, rigid plastic toploaders are engineered to safeguard your standard size trading cards (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") with unparalleled precision. Each pack contains 25 toploaders, offering a fortress of defense against the elements, wear, and time itself.


  • Optimal Fit: Perfectly sized for standard trading cards, ensuring a snug and secure enclosure for cards measuring 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" (63.5mm x 88.9mm).
  • Premium Thickness: Capable of accommodating cards up to 20pt in thickness, these toploaders are versatile enough for a wide range of collectibles.
  • Crystal Clear Display: Crafted from ultra-clear material, these toploaders ensure your cards’ details, colors, and textures shine through in high definition.
  • Rigid Protection: The sturdy construction encases your cards, shielding them from bending, scratches, and external damage, while keeping them clean and pristine.


  • Long-Term Preservation: Protect the integrity and value of your cards for future trading, selling, or simply for the joy of collecting.
  • Enhanced Display Quality: Showcase your cards with confidence, knowing that each detail is visible through the toploader's ultra-clear facade.
  • Peace of Mind: With BCW 3x4 Standard Toploaders, worry less about accidental spills, fingerprints, or environmental factors compromising your collection.
  • Effortless Organization: Simplify your collection management with uniform protection that stacks neatly, making organization and storage a breeze.

Why Choose BCW 3x4 Standard Toploaders?

For collectors who demand the best, BCW 3x4 Standard Toploaders represent the pinnacle of card protection technology. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting, these toploaders are designed to elevate your collecting experience. They not only preserve the condition of your cards but also enhance their presentation, making them an essential accessory for any collector.

Secure Your Legacy

Your collection tells a story — of victories, journeys, and the pursuit of rarity. BCW 3x4 Standard Toploaders ensure that this story endures, preserving each card's condition as flawlessly as the day it was acquired. Add them to your cart today and step into a world where every card is treated like a treasure.