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Yellow YoYo Strings - 10 Premium YoYo Strings

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These Elite YoYo bright yellow yo-yo strings are the perfect yoyo strings for all throwers!

With 10 strings in each pack, this pack of yoyo strings will provide you with over 5 hours of throwing time based on the common recommendation of changing your yoyo strings every 30 to 45 minutes of throwing.

These 100% polyester yo-yo strings give you the perfect amount of grip that you need when performing yoyo tricks like a bind, stop and go, or any other combination of yo-yo string tricks.

Are you thinking of showing off some yoyo tricks for the camera or maybe you're trying to win the Nation Yo-Yo Contest, or perhaps you just want to throw every now and again? The bright yellow color of these Elite YoYo yo-yo strings provides great visibility when recording videos or performing for audiences!

While these are type 6 yoyo strings, this means these yoyo strings are perfect for unresponsive yoyos but they will also work perfectly fine with responsive yoyos, too.

These yoyo strings are also available in White! Snag a pack of Elite YoYo yo-yo strings today!